What is "Lib"?

Is Lib an Acronym?

Lib Properties makes loans to individuals who are unable to go through traditional financing, whether it's credit issues, timing issues, or the type of property. We meet with each borrower so we can clearly understand each and every one of their needs. Our goal is to make sure that every borrower receives professional, personalized service and added value by working together.

Many people have asked over the years, what does Lib stand for? Lib actually got its name from my grandfather, Max Liberson, who taught me the fundamentals of real estate, which developed into the company that has continued to grow and help borrowers finance their needs for over 40 years.

Lib stands for many things; among them: integrity, diligence, and fast-paced, friendly service. We strive for innovative ways to make a loan work by being as flexible as possible with the given criteria for each prospective loan. Most important of all, we approach each scenario with simple common sense, trying to tailor and match the wants and needs of each borrower so we can be of service to them.

These ideas are what started Lib Properties almost four decades ago. Since that time the business has expanded and has become an alternative lending solution for mortgage loans.

Our concentrated effort is to continue our current venue and quality of services with a fresh and invigorated attitude. If you have closed a loan with us in the past, or even if you have never heard the name Lib Properties before, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you. Our goal is to know your needs.

- Jay Kessler, President